Good reasons for AML compliance with ALL AML

ALL AML delivers the required services to a high standard and focuses its efforts on what is important

Given the heterogeneity of investors, KYC should not be taken lightly. Identifying red flags that may be associated with individual investors is fundamental to any AML/CFT compliance program. Getting it right makes all the difference. In cases that require clarification, it is important to carry out the necessary risk-based research, conduct an adequate assessment and risk classification, and develop an action plan for risk mitigation and monitoring.

Money laundering regulation

Industry standards and best practice

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

“ALL AML helps us feel securely positioned to meet the increasing regulatory requirements for the prevention of money laundering from the EU and the German Money Laundering Act.”

Dr. M. Bader, Q21 Capital

Money laundering regulation

Investment funds are obliged to conduct risk-based customer due diligence and to implement control measures. Compliance with these obligations is monitored and enforced by the national regulator.

The ALL AML team is always on top of the latest regulatory developments, ensuring its Clients are prepared for when the regulatory updates (the EU`s AML package) come into force. We also consider the impact of related regulatory development on our Client’s AML/CFT regime. This includes topics such as ESG regulation (e.g. the EU Whistleblowing Directive) as well as GDPR and information security (the EU´s Digital Operational Resilience Act – DORA).

Above all, it is the fund industry itself that is establishing money laundering prevention with the aim of leading the way with best practices.

Dr. Carsten Giersch
Managing Director, ALL AML GmbH


Solid AML/CFT compliance management is currently establishing itself as a competitive factor in the investment industry. Proof of a solid AML/CFT compliance program is often required by

  • institutional investors who want to be sure that they are in good company with other investors,
  • target funds that want to ensure that the investing fund has checked its investors according to the best practices,
  • investors in fintechs – especially involved in crypto – that are concerned about historical cases of fraud and the potential for criminality,
  • portfolio companies that value investors who have a good reputation.

In addition to the legal compliance requirements, ALL AML emphasises the connection between compliance and reputation. ALL AML Shield® also protects capital management companies and investment funds against reputational risks and helps you to be recognised as a reliable and competitive partner internationally.

ESG reporting obligations

The EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requires sustainability criteria to be taken into account in the areas of environmental, social and governance. In the area of governance, i.e. good corporate management, this relates in particular to the prevention of bribery and corruption.

ALL AML Shield meets the required All Crimes Approach that covers all predicate offences to money laundering, including corruption and bribery. ALL AML therefore supports compliance with the ESG criteria and reporting obligations under the SFDR.

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